“… it’s akin to a machine on a factory floor suddenly churning out rejects it must be shut down right away because of those rejects but when it comes to writing it’s the rejects that are the genuine article and real writing is all about waiting for the moment when you start to produce those rejects.”—Bohumil Hrabal, Vita Nuova, 1986

DEAR reader,

“Even in late sixteenth-
century usage,” writes Joad Raymond
in Pamphlets and Pamphleteering in Early
Modern Britain
, “the word pamphlet
was deprecatory. Pamphlets were small,
insignificant, ephemeral, disposable,
untrustworthy, unruly, noisy, deceitful,
poorly printed, addictive, a waste
of time.”

[SLUG] publishes pamphlets
and distributes them via email. All previous
pamphlets are archived here. We are
interested in texts that animate the history
of disadvantaged literature. Length ranges,
some are mere fragments. Subjects
are approached from various disciplines,
encircled, not addressed. Structure
and words are entangled to create lyric
narratives, sometimes in multiple languages.


Edited by Tom Melick
and Elisa Taber, and designed by
Robert Milne. You can write to us at mail@slug.directory.